3D Print Sprint Rules

  • Teams will have 24 hours to design, print, and test their solutions to a design challenge issued at the event.
  • Teams will consist of 3 to 5 members.
  • Teams need to bring the following:
    • Up to 3 computers
    • Up to 2 3D Printers of any type
    • Plastic spools (Please bring only PLA or filaments marked as "odorless")
    • A notebook or paper
    • Small hand tools (files, pliers, spatulas, etc.)  Some tools will be available to sign out.
    • Measuring devices (Optional) We will have some available
  • All 3D prints on any team's final product must be designed by the team. Downloaded or published plans, models, or 3D designs will not be allowed.
  • Teams will be expected to make a presentation at the end of the challenge. The presentation should reflect the design process and the steps your team took to complete the challenge and should be about 3-5 minuets in length.
  • Additional challenge specific rules will be given with the challenge reveal at the event.

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